25 February 2012

oh oh...The Blues in trouble!!!

A very warm hello to my dear friends, after last week break with FA Cup action, this week the Premier League set to continue with 9 matches in place except for Liverpool who will be in action for Carling Cup final against Cardiff. The Reds would surely be the hot favourite to life the cup as i pretty much feel that King Kenny and Liverpool fans deserve it and something for them to cheer at...at least a place in UEFA Cup next season!!!

Well as we are all aware that the Blue Army are really in deep shit or should i say trouble with the team amking the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A 3-1 defeat at the hands of Napoli unacceptable at all. What is Abramovich and AVB thinking...the players who had been fielded to play in the matches lately are is if they are zombies walking around the park just like the movie Resident Evil...maybe this is the Part 5 with all the chelsea players and staffs as the zombies while AVB will be the new superstar and main actor replacing hot actress Milla Jovovich to be the zombie killers!!! Roman Abramovich of course will be the director...seriously all i can comment are Chelsea players are worst than a pile of shit now as they had been paid so much yet behave worse than babies...cannot imagine what will happen next for them. While we hear there are the chanting at Stamford Bridge for the special one to return to coach the blues and not sure how will that be but one thing is for certain...if i were to be Mourinho the 1st and last thing on my mind would be "F them no free", to coach bunch of rubbishes and pile of shits, don't even waste the time considering it. So all the best and good luck to Chelsea...lets just sit and watch how the movie Resident Evil 5 ending will be!!!

Back to this weekend matches, Wigan vs Aston Villa, Chelsea vs Bolton, QPR vs Fulham. basically nothing to be fancy at but i would forsee and pick a slim home win for these matches. WBA vs Sunderland very likely Sunderland to snatch at least a point or more from the Baggies as they maybe bagging for points i doubt Martin O Neill Sunderland will be giving away any or doing any charity to them. Newcastle vs Wolves, what the hell is the owner of Wolves thinking sacking the Manager in such a crucial time without having any replacement on hand. The Manager may not be good enough but the assistant, much worse...no eye see as i deem Wolves are doom...Championship football next season and kiss Premier League football goodbye. Man City vs Blackburn, a sure win for the citizens of course marching towards the Premier League crown...

Tomorrows action should be what everyone looking forward for match of the week, Arsenal vs Tottenham. My pick would be Gunners to bounce back from midweek championship nightmare with a win at Emirates stadium. Norwich vs Man Utd as much as i hate to say I think a comfortable win for the devils. Last match of the week, Stoke vs Swansea...my pick of the week match Stoke to win 3-0!!!    

11 February 2012

Premier League Title is Man City's to Lose...

Hello hello...last week my 1st blog quite a few of comments i received were that my prediction are out, in fact some who read even laugh that they should bet the total opposite of what i predict...well, in my opinion, by all means guys, think what you guys feel like thinking and act what you guys feel like acting. Seriously I wouldn't mind if all my prediction happens to be the total opposite as there will be alot of money can be make from my prediction and reading my blog...actually this blog is for me to share my thoughts and prediction with everyone as its something which I wanted to do long time already. So do give your comments or share your thoughts here if you have time whether you agree or disagree, its not important as its merely to share our and exchange our opinions, thoughts, prediction and interest in the Premier League Football.

haha, joke aside lets review last weekend results. Nothing much to comment except for Chelsea vs Man Utd match which is more like a Friendly Match!!! 3-3 with Man Utd players scoring 5 goals yet the outcome is a draw game...unbelievable but thats the facts and reality! As for this weekends game, of course the match everyone will be looking for would be the 1st early match between Man Utd vs Liverpool. My prediction for this match...Liverpool to get a point out of this match or even can snatch a win at Old Traffod. Suarez to rocks and scores!!! Sorry to the Red Devils fans ya......

As for the rest of the games, i fancy a friendly match between Swansea vs Norwich, a draw would be an ideal and fair result judging both of them were from the Championship side last season and if both can maintain in the premier league this season that would be a fantastic achievement already so a point for both team would be what both teams might agree with. Everton vs Chelsea, eventhough Chelsea really play like zombies now with no soul and tactics I believe the blues can still get something out of this match. Blackburn vs QPR, Fulham vs Stoke, Bolton vs Wigan...I personally fancy on the home teams if i were to bet on any of the 3 matches. Sunderland vs Arsenal, my pick and tip of the week would be Gunners to on fire and continue with their winning streak from last week demolition of Blackburn. If i were to tip on the correct score 3-1 for the Gunners!!! 

Tomorrows match Wolves vs WBA, my pick would be Wolves to topple the baggies and Man City should beat Villas comfortably if there's no "BE"(Bookie Effect)!!! Next weekend will be FA Cup time therefore no match and a resting week for Premier League fixtures and the teams who are not involve in the FA Cup.

Lastly my opinion for the Premier League Title this year is Man City to lose as they are indeed a strong team and deserve to be crown the champion without any doubt. Sorry to disappoint the Man Utd fans...but gain that's just my opinion and prediction, we shall see by May or even earlier who will lift the Premier League crown......lets just imagine Vincent Kompany or Vidic? Ferguson or Mancini? AON or Etihad? I truly and strongly feel Kompany, Mancini and Etihad would be the more ideal candidates!!!     

04 February 2012

WELCOME to my Premier League blog...

Welcome to my blog as I hope we can share our knowledge and thoughts here on anything so long its related to soccer especially Barclays Premier League. I, myself personally had been following the Premier League for almost 2 decade already. Hoping to share my views and opinion with all of you! I will post my forecast for the premier league matches here with a very interesting pick called "tip of the day/week"!!!   

Before i forget something very important to share as I'm a person who believes in conspiracy theory therefore i do believe in match-fixing which i called as "Bookie Effect" shortform is "BE". In future whenever you see BE, you know what I mean already! Hope all of you will have fun reading my blogs, happy reading!!!

To start lets review the matches this weekend. Today there will be 7 matches played, nothing really exciting to watch but if you are a punters, as long as you make money who cares which team play against which, right? Well, as long as Premier League matches live on Astro, no matter what teams are there I'm sure there will be people watching and maybe place some bets as it had become some sort of culture in the society today. Of course the match of the week will surely be tomorrow's match between Chelsea vs Man Utd.

The 1st match today, Arsenal against Blackburn. Of course a straight forward match a win for the gunners just that the odds are slightly risky, 1 1/2 as Arsenal may just win by 1 goal only. WBA vs Swansea, QPR vs Wolves, Wigan vs Everton...these 3 matches i'll surely sit on the fence and don't really keen to touch on them. Stoke vs Sunderland, I truly feel that Stoke can get a positive result from this match, either a draw or a win for Stoke. Manchester City vs Fulham again a match like arsenal very straight forward, a win for city. Again the risk of winning by a single goal but if you are a risk takers and supporters of Man City why not betting for 12th staright home win for them...Lastly, I save the best for last which is Norwich vs Bolton. My pick of the day will surely be BOLTON as I believe they will carry their recent good form with them and as for Norwich times up already as they simply had too many points in the bags dy and is time to throw some away and Bolton would be the perfect bet for the points. My pick of the day is Bolton will surely get something out from this match depending just 1 or 3 points only so if you are a better and Norwich are giving handicap of 1/2 ball what is there to think already just bet on Bolton...