11 February 2012

Premier League Title is Man City's to Lose...

Hello hello...last week my 1st blog quite a few of comments i received were that my prediction are out, in fact some who read even laugh that they should bet the total opposite of what i predict...well, in my opinion, by all means guys, think what you guys feel like thinking and act what you guys feel like acting. Seriously I wouldn't mind if all my prediction happens to be the total opposite as there will be alot of money can be make from my prediction and reading my blog...actually this blog is for me to share my thoughts and prediction with everyone as its something which I wanted to do long time already. So do give your comments or share your thoughts here if you have time whether you agree or disagree, its not important as its merely to share our and exchange our opinions, thoughts, prediction and interest in the Premier League Football.

haha, joke aside lets review last weekend results. Nothing much to comment except for Chelsea vs Man Utd match which is more like a Friendly Match!!! 3-3 with Man Utd players scoring 5 goals yet the outcome is a draw game...unbelievable but thats the facts and reality! As for this weekends game, of course the match everyone will be looking for would be the 1st early match between Man Utd vs Liverpool. My prediction for this match...Liverpool to get a point out of this match or even can snatch a win at Old Traffod. Suarez to rocks and scores!!! Sorry to the Red Devils fans ya......

As for the rest of the games, i fancy a friendly match between Swansea vs Norwich, a draw would be an ideal and fair result judging both of them were from the Championship side last season and if both can maintain in the premier league this season that would be a fantastic achievement already so a point for both team would be what both teams might agree with. Everton vs Chelsea, eventhough Chelsea really play like zombies now with no soul and tactics I believe the blues can still get something out of this match. Blackburn vs QPR, Fulham vs Stoke, Bolton vs Wigan...I personally fancy on the home teams if i were to bet on any of the 3 matches. Sunderland vs Arsenal, my pick and tip of the week would be Gunners to on fire and continue with their winning streak from last week demolition of Blackburn. If i were to tip on the correct score 3-1 for the Gunners!!! 

Tomorrows match Wolves vs WBA, my pick would be Wolves to topple the baggies and Man City should beat Villas comfortably if there's no "BE"(Bookie Effect)!!! Next weekend will be FA Cup time therefore no match and a resting week for Premier League fixtures and the teams who are not involve in the FA Cup.

Lastly my opinion for the Premier League Title this year is Man City to lose as they are indeed a strong team and deserve to be crown the champion without any doubt. Sorry to disappoint the Man Utd fans...but gain that's just my opinion and prediction, we shall see by May or even earlier who will lift the Premier League crown......lets just imagine Vincent Kompany or Vidic? Ferguson or Mancini? AON or Etihad? I truly and strongly feel Kompany, Mancini and Etihad would be the more ideal candidates!!!     


  1. Gunners??? What's wrong with you. No doubt that they have had their biggest win of the season, but it happened because of sluggish Rovers defense and a early man down. Let by gone be by gone, Blackcats defense is much more better than Blackburn, Arsenal can't have an easy win today.
    Martin O'neill's magic wand has transformed Blackcats. Going for Arsenal, a truly Manchu's First Warrior move, lol.

    Why not QPR??!! Blackburn deserves a relegation this season, the disgruntled Samba has affected the fighting spirit of the players and Steve Kean a Championship caliber manager, if not Division 1 or 2. QPR will have a better chance to win tonight. QPR has a better team, a willing to invest owner, and a Premier League caliber manager, Mark Hughes. I foresee a win for QPR tonight, worst to worst 1 point!

  2. Haha...Henry + Gunners rulez!!!!!! QPR(Airasia) are simply not good enough my friend...