13 May 2012

Season Ending BPL 2011/2012...

Final day & final matches for the Barclays Premier League 2011/2012 season. It may be meaningless for some of the teams who are safe and guaranteed another season at the top flight football but there are still everything to play for among the top 5 teams chasing for Premier League Crown, champions league football and avoiding relegation. All the million dollar questions this season will be answered tonight after the last round of Premier League matches. Who will be the champion?  can we see a new face or still back to the same old Theatre of Dreams...who will finish the top 4 and an automatic qualifying place in next season Champions League football? will it be the Gunners, Spurs or Newcastle. Who will be the last team to be relegated? QPR or Bolton...

All 10 matches will be played at the same time so a very exciting 90 minutes of football and excitement as many will be switching their TV channels, listening to radio, checking their gadgets to monitor the latest update and what's happening around. Surely by the end of 90 mnutes, some will have joy and some will have tears of either sadness or happiness. This will be the last blog from me for this season too so I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you who had read my blogs, hope it entertains you or at least worth your time reading it. But i'm here to stay of course as i will be writing about Euro 2012 at this blog as well next month so a break for everyone and myself too after today.

Since this will be the last blog of this season so I will start of with my prediction of how the season might fare. My philosophy still the same since the start of this blog and beginning of the season, Man City to win the Premier League crown, Arsenal to finish 3rd, Bolton to be relegated.

Tottenham vs Fulham, a win for Spurs and maintain 4th spot. Chelsea vs Blackburn, a meaningless match but a win for the Blues. Swansea vs Liverpool, a win for Liverpool. Stoke vs Bolton, a win or draw for the home team and Bolton to be relegated. Everton vs Newcastle, a draw or a win for the home team. Norwich vs Aston Villa, Villans to snatch a point or three for this match. Wigan vs Wolves, another meaningless match with a draw or even a win for Wolves. Man City vs QPR, surely a win for the Citizens. WBA vs Arsenal, a win for Arsenal to finish the season in 3rd. Lastly, Sunderland vs Man Utd, a draw or Sunderland to upset Man Utd.

My pick for the week would be Liverpool, Aston Villa, Man City & Sunderland. Lastly, lets hope for City to lift the crown after 40 over long years and a new force + new champ in English football as they truly deserve it by playing the best football and being the most improve and entertaining team. 

Last but not least, since it involve English team, this season Champions League winner will be none other than Chelsea...Blues Rocks!!! 

05 May 2012

Dream Finale???

An eventful week on the Barclays Premier League as my prediction was close to perfection last week with Man City back on top of the Premier League and it all voice down to last 2 matches and the destiny and title is in their own hand now as it is truly theirs to lose. Well, lets keep our finger cross and see who will be lifitng the Premier League crown next week. It is a seesaw season in Premier League with both Manchester teams swapping places leading the title race. Lets hope there will be a new Premier League champion as I always believe monopoly is not good in any sports therefore its positive to see new force appearing and make the competition more competitive and exciting.

Saturday's only match featuring Arsenal vs Norwich. A comfortable win for Arsenal and further strengthen their 3rd place in the league table with an automatic place in the Champions League next season. 

Sunday's early kick-off with Newcastle vs Man City. Citizens to win and lead the the Premier League table charging towards Premier League crown. Aston Villa vs Tottenham, a draw match with opportunity for Villans to cause an upset and clear of relegation battle. Bolton vs WBA, the away team to nick a point or 3 from this match. Wolves vs Everton, Fulham vs Sunderland, advantage for the home team to get a positive results. QPR vs Stoke, a win for Malayisan Airline (MAS) jersey home team. Man Utd vs Swansea, an upset result at Old Trafford with Swansea to get a result from the match and kill off the hope of Premeir League title going back to Old Trafford...Monday night match Blackburn vs Wigan, a home win for Rovers and send the battling for survival in the drop zone to the last match next week.

My pick for this week are Arsenal, Man City & QPR.

Lastly FA cup final Chelsea vs Liverpool, who to lift the FA cup? On paper, Liverpool is more likely the winner cos they are fully prepared for this final with a full squad, an unbeaten track record this season in their cup matches and clinch the double cup glory. As for Chelsea, their ultimate goal will surely be the Champions League final. But reality is normally cruel + unfair so my bet will be Chelsea to win the FA cup final.                

28 April 2012

Clash of the titans

All eyes will be on Monday night match between Man City vs Man Utd as this match pretty much determine the winners for this season Premier League Champion. Will it be the Citizens or Red Devils? Well...my bet would still be Man City to be the winner, lets wait and see what is the outcome for the Monday night ckash of the titans match.

Saturday match featuring Everton vs Fulham, Sunderland vs Bolton, Stoke vs Arsenal, Wigan vs Newcastle. Home advanatges for these few teams with a draw on hand and aiming for a win. Stoke to stunt the Gunners and Wigan to end Newcastle good run. WBA vs Aston Villa, Villans to get an away win. Swansea vs Wolves, a draw most likely. Norwich vs Liverpool, Liverpool to geta  positive result and end their awful slump eventhough they may play an under strength squad.

Sunday's match featuring Chelsea vs QPR, Tottenham vs Blackburn, a win for the home teams. Lastly Monday night match where everyone will be waiting for and surely match of this week and this season...Man City vs Man Utd, Man City to win and back to the top of Barlays Premier League table.

21 April 2012

Title Race back on?

Is the Title race back on? That would be a million dollar question. A lot people had written off Man City for the title even City’s Manager had admitted publicly that the title race had finish when the gap is 8 points and even though now had narrow down to 5 points, not sure it’s psychology game or he is just being humble in case they do finish runner-up or to pile pressure for the Red Devils. For me, I personally still believe that the battle is wide open although there’s only 4 matches left to play for both teams and 12 points for grab only. If you are good at maths, by calculating the probability surely the odds for Man City to win the title is pretty slim but am still keeping my finger cross as I still have faith for a miracle to happen by end of this season. History would be made as it will be the most exciting comeback in the season for us to cherish if Man City do manage to win the Premier League title.
Back to this week match-up, early kick off for 2 sides battling for Champions League place, Arsenal vs Chelsea. Chelsea recent good form saw them in FA Cup final and in a good position to reach Champions League Final this year and chances to finish in the top four is quite optimistic judging from their current form so I bet on their form to continue this game and able to get either a draw or a win for the Blues where as Gunners slump to continue from last weekend defeat to Wigan.
Fulham vs Wigan, Bolton vs Swansea, Blackburn vs Norwich, foresee a draw or a home win for these few games. Newcastle vs Stoke, Stoke to stunt Newcastle at Sports Direct Arena and end Newcastle recent good run. Aston Villa vs Sunderland, a win for the Villans and put an end to their slump. Late game saw QPR vs Tottenham, a home win for QPR as they simply too desperate for points and will go all the way for a win at Loftus Road.
Sunday’s match Man Utd vs Everton, a draw game but hoping for a shock win for Everton perhaps. Wolves vs Man City, a comfortable win for City. Last game Liverpool vs WBA, a comfortable win for the Reds where Andy Caroll partnership with Suarez to flourish and topple the Baggies.
My pick for this week would be Chelsea, Stoke, Blackburn and Liverpool with a 3-1 score line for the Reds.          

15 April 2012

Twist in The Tale?

A very exciting week for premier league action last round as there seems to be a twist in the title race with 5 matches to go. Seemingly the race will go down the wire all the way till May to find out who will be crown the Premier League Champion. Man Utd Or Man City? Seems very simple yet unpredictable just like a Baccarat game in casino but the only difference there must be a winner eventually although there is a tie in the Barclays Premier League.    
There will be only 6 matches played this weekend due to FA cup semi-final action involving 4 Premier League teams. Early kick-off for Norwich vs Man City match, can't see any outcome but Man City to win this one as they simply can’t afford any further slip up. Sunderland vs Wolves, I tip Wolves to get something out of this match, a draw or even a win. Swansea vs Blackburn, a high scoring game with Swansea on the upper hand for this match. WBA vs QPR, fancy a positive result QPR.
Only one game on Sunday, Man Utd vs Aston Villa. another shock result? Predicting a dull 0-0 draw for this game, hoping Villans to beat Red devils at Old Trafford and create history and stop their record from scoring in 47 matches straight at home. Monday night game featuring Arsenal vs Wigan, a win for Gunners.     

My tip of this week would be Man City, Wolves and Aston Villa.

09 April 2012

Sayonara Citizens???

What a sad reality Man City now 8 points behind Man Utd with 6 matches left to play. It would need a miracle for the Citizens to clinch the Premier League title but never say never, lets keep our finger cross and hope for the Bookie Effects to kick in big time on this. yesterday game against Arsenal, Man City are titally outplayed & awful where I must said Mancini really got it wrong again by playing Balotelli instead of Dzeko, also not starting Kolarov, Micah Richards, De Jong and Tevez as well. Substituting Nasri & Aguero while picking Pizarro to replace Yaya Toure. Seriously...what's in Mancini mind??? to get the worst result possible and get to be sack soon!!! Balotelli is simply a dangerous time bomb waiting to explode, his character and discipline totally cant be accept nor tolerate. Just imagine if he were to be under Sir Alex Ferguson team...I think long time he already been either transfer listed, sold on cheap price or FOC, loan to another club or even cancel his contract, fire and kick him out of the club immediately. Maybe that's what makes Fergie such a great Manager.

well, wnough is enough talking about Man City. A busy week for BPL as non-stop games follow from last weekend matches. Todays match Everton vs Sunderland, a draw is a likely outcome for this game. Tottenham vs Norwich, a win for Spurs. Newcastle vs Bolton, Bolton to get something out of this game where Newcastle good form to end. Aston Villa vs Stoke, a home win for Villans. Fulham vs Chelsea, Chelsea to win!

Blackburn vs Liverpool, a must win for the Reds as they are another huge disappointment in the league this season as I believe they will get back on track witha  win. Man City vs WBA, cant see other outcome but a sure win for the Citizens. Why? Cos no crazy Balotelli and hope Mancini get the starting eleven right this time. Wigan vs Man Utd, I would still go against Man Utd for Wigan to get a draw or even a shocker...Wolves vs Arsenal, another shocking result waiting I suppose, my money on Wolves. QPR vs Swansea, two promoted side facing each other as QPR will have the home advantage as they are battling for survival so definitely more determination and purpose for them in this game, my money on MAS...QPR!!!

My pick for this round will be Chelsea, Man City, QPR & Liverpool......  


07 April 2012

Is The Reds really a Fluke team???

Liverpool oh Liverpool...what happen to you and King Kenny, what is wrong with you. Is your American owner so desperate for money or are you lost control of your team already just like AVB in Chelsea? Truly hope the history of AVB to repeat to Mr Kenny Dalglish. I cant find any other words in the dictionary to describe the Liverpool team at the moment except for "Disappointment". Hope they can fare better soon and sort out whatever issues they have internally or externally!!! Maybe should plead the bookie not to target on them at the moment...

As for Man Utd...are the decils really that good? Are they really going to win all their remaining games? Are they going to be this year BPL Champion? well, only time will tell...no matter what, my believe and forecast is still the same, Citizens to be the Champ!

Yesterday there was an early match where Newcastle came out with a 2-0 away win over Swansea, a very good result for the Magpies as they are just 2 points behind Tottenham and Arsenal, more impressive is they are 3 points ahead of Chelsea and 14 points ahead of Liverpool...fancy them for a 4th place finish & a spot for next year Champions League football???

Today's match Sunderland vs Tottenham, Spurs is back on form so a draw or win for them. Chelsea vs Wigan, a sure win for the blues! Norwich vs Everton, Bolton vs Fulham i fancy a draw game and advantage to the away teams if there are winners in both this matches. WBA vs Blackburn, home team to nick a point or 3 out of this match. Liverpool vs Aston Villa...time to rebound for the Reds with a convincing win (i hope) from them over the awful Villans.

Tomorrow's game featuring Stoke vs Wolves, a home win for Stoke. Man Utd vs QPR, another shocking result for QPR??? I fancy a draw for this game or even a shocking win for Air Asia at Old Trafford. Hope Tony Fernandes team will make Malaysians proud and create the headline by upsetting the Red Devils. Lastly match of the week Arsenal vs Man City, a tough match for to call but my pick would be an away win for the Citizens, 3-1 win for Man City!!!

My pick of the week would be Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea & WBA.      

30 March 2012

City back in business...

Man City is back in business??? Alot ppl already write off City saying that Man Utd already the Premier League Champion. I truly still have faith with Man City and till now Man City is not back in business but when ever were they out of business!!! My call still stands with Man City winning the title this year.

Clearly the Bookie Effect (BE) lately is very severe and obvious involving few top teams for the past few games such as Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea and worst of all Liverpool. Liverpool i must said they are the worst by far. Why? Maybe new American owner are too desperate for $$$ or King Kenny wants to be the King of BE. If he wants that I'm sure he had done a brilliant job as even a team like Wigan and QPR they don't mind losing when they were 2 goals up for good and lose at home to Wigan which i must said the most awful team among the 20 teams.

Well, lets just forget about last week and concentrate on this weekend matches. 8 matches on Saturday. Aston Villa vs Chelsea, a must and sure win for the Blues as they are 5 points behind Tottenham and 8 behind Arsenal while Villans are simply aweful in the second half of the league till now. QPR vs Arsenal, a shocking defeat maybe for the Gunners...as i bet their good run to come to an end this weekend with a shocking defeat or a draw at Loftus Road. My money on QPR. Everton vs WBA & Wigan vs Stoke, i fancy a draw for both this match.

Fulham vs Norwich, a home win for Fulham. Man City vs Sunderland, a sure win for City boys with their 16 home win at Etihad stadium and a perfect 100% home win record to continue. Wolves vs Bolton, a very interesting relegation battle...in time like this i would prefer to opt for the home team to get at least a draw or a win at Molineux stadium. Late game on Saturday night featuring Newcastle vs  Liverpool. My bet will be a convincing away win for liverpool with few goals maybe as its time for them to bounce back with the hope of Andy Carrol to score against his old club and Suarez to continue his scoring spree.

Only one game on Sunday featuring Tottenham vs Swansea. A home win with Spurs to bounce back from their recent slump. Lastly another Monday night game for the Devils, Blackburn vs Man Utd. Blackburn is one of the 3 teams who had beaten Man Utd this season and i strongly believe they are able to get a good result from this game, a draw at least with a win and doing the double against the current leader + champion. 

My picks for this week would be Chelsea, QPR, Liverpool and Blackburn. QPR & Blackburn, the underdogs to have a shocking results and a convincing win for the Blues and surely a 5 star performance from the Reds in thrashing the Magpies at Sports Direct Arena!!!         

23 March 2012

Man U the Premier League Champion???

What do you think...Man U the 2012 Premier League Champion!!! On paper(theoritically) it may as well be but practically saying I really doubt about it. If you were to ask me I would always put my money on the practicality as it simply works better in the world nowadays. So my money will still be on Man City to be the Premier League Champion...simply they are a better side, they deserve it and they are the next BIG thing or should i say the new force to be recognise in modern English football.

With remaining 9 matches to go...everything is heating up as 2 teams fighting for the champion, 5 teams fighting for 2 champions league spot, 6 teams in relegation dog fight while the rest can just be a routine to get to the 40 points mark to be safe for another year of Premier League football. Which teams will qualify for the champions league and which teams to be relegated? Judging from the table its quite clear that Spurs and the Gunners are the favourites while teams to be relegated although they are 6 teams there the more likely to go down would be the current bottom 3 side but hard to say as i said its just base on paper and the table now where there are still 27 points offered to be grab just like last season where Wigan was save in the last minutes with winning the last few games and avoiding the drop but i truly believe that fat lady won't sing twice as by next year they will be playing the Championship football alongside with Wolverhampton. The interesting team to watch would be QPR, will it be that unlucky for Tony Fernandes's Air Asia + MAS by sponsoring half way this season straight away being relegated...is it a curse just like Proton few years back on Norwich and Cardiff for failing to be promoted after being own by our Berjaya founder Mr Vincent Tan. I, personally feel QPR will be safe and not relegated this season.

For this weekend matches, we have an early match between Chelsea vs Tottenham. Chelsea is like a rejuvenated side after Abramovich fired AVB so gone are the days for Resident Evil...haha!!! They are like a team reborn and the spirit they showed against Napoli really amaze me where all the old uncles really perform nicely and even on the score sheet eg.Drogba, Terry & Lampard. Who said old man can't play football and not competitive in the football world now. A fascinating facts + reality!!! Tottenham are currently in a slump as lately their results have been poor or maybe that's their true capability??? well, only time will tell but for this match I bet on a positive result for the Blues as they will surely get something out of this match either a draw or a win which i fancy the later. Old man/unlces to roar at Stamford Bridges... 

Bolton vs Blackburn, a relegation battle. A 50-50 match so of course safe side would surely be opting for home team in this situation. Swansea vs Everton, I'll opt for the away team for this one. Liverpool vs Wigan, a sure win for the Reds as they had been really a disappointment is Premier League this season. Liverpool to bounch back from midweek shock defeat to QPR. Arsenal vs Aston Villa, Villans to get a result from this match. Norwich vs Wolves, a win for Wolves. Sunderland vs QPR, a win or draw for Sunderland. WBA vs Newcastle, a win for Newcastle.

Sunday game featuring Stoke vs Man City. Surely no slip-up for the Citizens. Lastly Monday noght football, Man Utd vs Fulham. A shock result waiting for MU!!! a win for Fulham...or at least a draw and its time for City to regain + maintain the lead in the league table. My pick of this week none other than Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City, not forgetting Fulham...Liverpool to thrash Wigan 4-0!!!           

10 March 2012

Blue & Red back on winning ways???

Bye bye to AVB as Chelsea is now without a coach but should b playing much better and improve game as i'm very sure all d old players plan had succeed but ousting d young coach. So whoever d coach take charge now i'm sure they will play seriously for the last champions league spot. So this week i pick a win for the Blues against Stoke. Liverpool vs Sunderland, i predict sunderland slump without a win in 3 past games to continue and a win for liverpool.

aston villa vs fulham, a home win for villans. wolves vs blackburn, everyone will predict a high scoring game as both are expert in conceding goals and if i were to pick a team i would go for Rovers. Everton vs Tottenham, Tottenham is currently in a slump so i expect them to continue with the slump n Everton to get something out of this match. Swansea vs Man City, surely a win for the citizens.

Man Utd vs WBA, a draw probably. Im sure alot Man Utd fans will scream at me on this...haha!!! a bold prediction 0-0 dull n draw game. Norwich vs Wigan, i fancy Wigan to get a result from this match. Lastly, Arsenal vs Newcastle another draw game maybe...

My picks of this week would be Chelsea, Liverpool and Aston Villa. 

03 March 2012

Manchester United to Lose Ground???

Hello there, last week were indeed an interesting week as Arsenal demolish Spurs 5-2 after going to goal down and the carling cup final match was indeed an oscar nominations and winner as i dunno what else to comment except for a real friendly + bookie effect match.

This week the 1st and early kick-off match everyone will look forward to will surely be Liverpool vs Arsenal. After a wonderful run of the month of February Gunners should be off steam for this match dy as Liverpool players will surely be motivated and more than fired up after lifting the carling cup going into this match as i fancy Liverpool to stay unbeaten at home and tip them for a win.

Qpr vs Everton, Wigan vs Swansea, Stoke vs Norwich...i would fancy and bet my money on the home teams for this few matches. Man City vs Bolton, a sure win for the Citizens of course just a matter of how many goals the winning margin will be only. WBA vs Chelsea, i fancy a draw as Chelsea's display last week is still not convincing enough. Blackburn vs Aston Villa, judging from Blackburn's worst defending record among the 20 teams in the Premier League Villa can really get something out of this match either a draw or even a win for them to end their slump lately.

The match of the week would surely be Tottenham vs Man Utd. I truly believe Man Utd to lose start losing ground to Man City this week as Spurs is simply a solid and most improve + balance team in terms of of defending, midfield and attack as well. All round wise they are surely better than Man Utd at the moment especially in the midfield so i fancy a 2-1 home win for Spurs.
As for my picks of this week would be Stoke again to continue their winning streak & Wigan to topple Swansea.   

25 February 2012

oh oh...The Blues in trouble!!!

A very warm hello to my dear friends, after last week break with FA Cup action, this week the Premier League set to continue with 9 matches in place except for Liverpool who will be in action for Carling Cup final against Cardiff. The Reds would surely be the hot favourite to life the cup as i pretty much feel that King Kenny and Liverpool fans deserve it and something for them to cheer at...at least a place in UEFA Cup next season!!!

Well as we are all aware that the Blue Army are really in deep shit or should i say trouble with the team amking the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A 3-1 defeat at the hands of Napoli unacceptable at all. What is Abramovich and AVB thinking...the players who had been fielded to play in the matches lately are is if they are zombies walking around the park just like the movie Resident Evil...maybe this is the Part 5 with all the chelsea players and staffs as the zombies while AVB will be the new superstar and main actor replacing hot actress Milla Jovovich to be the zombie killers!!! Roman Abramovich of course will be the director...seriously all i can comment are Chelsea players are worst than a pile of shit now as they had been paid so much yet behave worse than babies...cannot imagine what will happen next for them. While we hear there are the chanting at Stamford Bridge for the special one to return to coach the blues and not sure how will that be but one thing is for certain...if i were to be Mourinho the 1st and last thing on my mind would be "F them no free", to coach bunch of rubbishes and pile of shits, don't even waste the time considering it. So all the best and good luck to Chelsea...lets just sit and watch how the movie Resident Evil 5 ending will be!!!

Back to this weekend matches, Wigan vs Aston Villa, Chelsea vs Bolton, QPR vs Fulham. basically nothing to be fancy at but i would forsee and pick a slim home win for these matches. WBA vs Sunderland very likely Sunderland to snatch at least a point or more from the Baggies as they maybe bagging for points i doubt Martin O Neill Sunderland will be giving away any or doing any charity to them. Newcastle vs Wolves, what the hell is the owner of Wolves thinking sacking the Manager in such a crucial time without having any replacement on hand. The Manager may not be good enough but the assistant, much worse...no eye see as i deem Wolves are doom...Championship football next season and kiss Premier League football goodbye. Man City vs Blackburn, a sure win for the citizens of course marching towards the Premier League crown...

Tomorrows action should be what everyone looking forward for match of the week, Arsenal vs Tottenham. My pick would be Gunners to bounce back from midweek championship nightmare with a win at Emirates stadium. Norwich vs Man Utd as much as i hate to say I think a comfortable win for the devils. Last match of the week, Stoke vs Swansea...my pick of the week match Stoke to win 3-0!!!    

11 February 2012

Premier League Title is Man City's to Lose...

Hello hello...last week my 1st blog quite a few of comments i received were that my prediction are out, in fact some who read even laugh that they should bet the total opposite of what i predict...well, in my opinion, by all means guys, think what you guys feel like thinking and act what you guys feel like acting. Seriously I wouldn't mind if all my prediction happens to be the total opposite as there will be alot of money can be make from my prediction and reading my blog...actually this blog is for me to share my thoughts and prediction with everyone as its something which I wanted to do long time already. So do give your comments or share your thoughts here if you have time whether you agree or disagree, its not important as its merely to share our and exchange our opinions, thoughts, prediction and interest in the Premier League Football.

haha, joke aside lets review last weekend results. Nothing much to comment except for Chelsea vs Man Utd match which is more like a Friendly Match!!! 3-3 with Man Utd players scoring 5 goals yet the outcome is a draw game...unbelievable but thats the facts and reality! As for this weekends game, of course the match everyone will be looking for would be the 1st early match between Man Utd vs Liverpool. My prediction for this match...Liverpool to get a point out of this match or even can snatch a win at Old Traffod. Suarez to rocks and scores!!! Sorry to the Red Devils fans ya......

As for the rest of the games, i fancy a friendly match between Swansea vs Norwich, a draw would be an ideal and fair result judging both of them were from the Championship side last season and if both can maintain in the premier league this season that would be a fantastic achievement already so a point for both team would be what both teams might agree with. Everton vs Chelsea, eventhough Chelsea really play like zombies now with no soul and tactics I believe the blues can still get something out of this match. Blackburn vs QPR, Fulham vs Stoke, Bolton vs Wigan...I personally fancy on the home teams if i were to bet on any of the 3 matches. Sunderland vs Arsenal, my pick and tip of the week would be Gunners to on fire and continue with their winning streak from last week demolition of Blackburn. If i were to tip on the correct score 3-1 for the Gunners!!! 

Tomorrows match Wolves vs WBA, my pick would be Wolves to topple the baggies and Man City should beat Villas comfortably if there's no "BE"(Bookie Effect)!!! Next weekend will be FA Cup time therefore no match and a resting week for Premier League fixtures and the teams who are not involve in the FA Cup.

Lastly my opinion for the Premier League Title this year is Man City to lose as they are indeed a strong team and deserve to be crown the champion without any doubt. Sorry to disappoint the Man Utd fans...but gain that's just my opinion and prediction, we shall see by May or even earlier who will lift the Premier League crown......lets just imagine Vincent Kompany or Vidic? Ferguson or Mancini? AON or Etihad? I truly and strongly feel Kompany, Mancini and Etihad would be the more ideal candidates!!!     

04 February 2012

WELCOME to my Premier League blog...

Welcome to my blog as I hope we can share our knowledge and thoughts here on anything so long its related to soccer especially Barclays Premier League. I, myself personally had been following the Premier League for almost 2 decade already. Hoping to share my views and opinion with all of you! I will post my forecast for the premier league matches here with a very interesting pick called "tip of the day/week"!!!   

Before i forget something very important to share as I'm a person who believes in conspiracy theory therefore i do believe in match-fixing which i called as "Bookie Effect" shortform is "BE". In future whenever you see BE, you know what I mean already! Hope all of you will have fun reading my blogs, happy reading!!!

To start lets review the matches this weekend. Today there will be 7 matches played, nothing really exciting to watch but if you are a punters, as long as you make money who cares which team play against which, right? Well, as long as Premier League matches live on Astro, no matter what teams are there I'm sure there will be people watching and maybe place some bets as it had become some sort of culture in the society today. Of course the match of the week will surely be tomorrow's match between Chelsea vs Man Utd.

The 1st match today, Arsenal against Blackburn. Of course a straight forward match a win for the gunners just that the odds are slightly risky, 1 1/2 as Arsenal may just win by 1 goal only. WBA vs Swansea, QPR vs Wolves, Wigan vs Everton...these 3 matches i'll surely sit on the fence and don't really keen to touch on them. Stoke vs Sunderland, I truly feel that Stoke can get a positive result from this match, either a draw or a win for Stoke. Manchester City vs Fulham again a match like arsenal very straight forward, a win for city. Again the risk of winning by a single goal but if you are a risk takers and supporters of Man City why not betting for 12th staright home win for them...Lastly, I save the best for last which is Norwich vs Bolton. My pick of the day will surely be BOLTON as I believe they will carry their recent good form with them and as for Norwich times up already as they simply had too many points in the bags dy and is time to throw some away and Bolton would be the perfect bet for the points. My pick of the day is Bolton will surely get something out from this match depending just 1 or 3 points only so if you are a better and Norwich are giving handicap of 1/2 ball what is there to think already just bet on Bolton...