23 March 2012

Man U the Premier League Champion???

What do you think...Man U the 2012 Premier League Champion!!! On paper(theoritically) it may as well be but practically saying I really doubt about it. If you were to ask me I would always put my money on the practicality as it simply works better in the world nowadays. So my money will still be on Man City to be the Premier League Champion...simply they are a better side, they deserve it and they are the next BIG thing or should i say the new force to be recognise in modern English football.

With remaining 9 matches to go...everything is heating up as 2 teams fighting for the champion, 5 teams fighting for 2 champions league spot, 6 teams in relegation dog fight while the rest can just be a routine to get to the 40 points mark to be safe for another year of Premier League football. Which teams will qualify for the champions league and which teams to be relegated? Judging from the table its quite clear that Spurs and the Gunners are the favourites while teams to be relegated although they are 6 teams there the more likely to go down would be the current bottom 3 side but hard to say as i said its just base on paper and the table now where there are still 27 points offered to be grab just like last season where Wigan was save in the last minutes with winning the last few games and avoiding the drop but i truly believe that fat lady won't sing twice as by next year they will be playing the Championship football alongside with Wolverhampton. The interesting team to watch would be QPR, will it be that unlucky for Tony Fernandes's Air Asia + MAS by sponsoring half way this season straight away being relegated...is it a curse just like Proton few years back on Norwich and Cardiff for failing to be promoted after being own by our Berjaya founder Mr Vincent Tan. I, personally feel QPR will be safe and not relegated this season.

For this weekend matches, we have an early match between Chelsea vs Tottenham. Chelsea is like a rejuvenated side after Abramovich fired AVB so gone are the days for Resident Evil...haha!!! They are like a team reborn and the spirit they showed against Napoli really amaze me where all the old uncles really perform nicely and even on the score sheet eg.Drogba, Terry & Lampard. Who said old man can't play football and not competitive in the football world now. A fascinating facts + reality!!! Tottenham are currently in a slump as lately their results have been poor or maybe that's their true capability??? well, only time will tell but for this match I bet on a positive result for the Blues as they will surely get something out of this match either a draw or a win which i fancy the later. Old man/unlces to roar at Stamford Bridges... 

Bolton vs Blackburn, a relegation battle. A 50-50 match so of course safe side would surely be opting for home team in this situation. Swansea vs Everton, I'll opt for the away team for this one. Liverpool vs Wigan, a sure win for the Reds as they had been really a disappointment is Premier League this season. Liverpool to bounch back from midweek shock defeat to QPR. Arsenal vs Aston Villa, Villans to get a result from this match. Norwich vs Wolves, a win for Wolves. Sunderland vs QPR, a win or draw for Sunderland. WBA vs Newcastle, a win for Newcastle.

Sunday game featuring Stoke vs Man City. Surely no slip-up for the Citizens. Lastly Monday noght football, Man Utd vs Fulham. A shock result waiting for MU!!! a win for Fulham...or at least a draw and its time for City to regain + maintain the lead in the league table. My pick of this week none other than Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City, not forgetting Fulham...Liverpool to thrash Wigan 4-0!!!           

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