03 March 2012

Manchester United to Lose Ground???

Hello there, last week were indeed an interesting week as Arsenal demolish Spurs 5-2 after going to goal down and the carling cup final match was indeed an oscar nominations and winner as i dunno what else to comment except for a real friendly + bookie effect match.

This week the 1st and early kick-off match everyone will look forward to will surely be Liverpool vs Arsenal. After a wonderful run of the month of February Gunners should be off steam for this match dy as Liverpool players will surely be motivated and more than fired up after lifting the carling cup going into this match as i fancy Liverpool to stay unbeaten at home and tip them for a win.

Qpr vs Everton, Wigan vs Swansea, Stoke vs Norwich...i would fancy and bet my money on the home teams for this few matches. Man City vs Bolton, a sure win for the Citizens of course just a matter of how many goals the winning margin will be only. WBA vs Chelsea, i fancy a draw as Chelsea's display last week is still not convincing enough. Blackburn vs Aston Villa, judging from Blackburn's worst defending record among the 20 teams in the Premier League Villa can really get something out of this match either a draw or even a win for them to end their slump lately.

The match of the week would surely be Tottenham vs Man Utd. I truly believe Man Utd to lose start losing ground to Man City this week as Spurs is simply a solid and most improve + balance team in terms of of defending, midfield and attack as well. All round wise they are surely better than Man Utd at the moment especially in the midfield so i fancy a 2-1 home win for Spurs.
As for my picks of this week would be Stoke again to continue their winning streak & Wigan to topple Swansea.   

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